Our Services

We offer a variety of writing-related services and prefer to work closely with clients to provide the service that best fits their needs. Here is an example of some of the services we provide.



Your written work and documentation reflects upon your public image. We are professional editors and will help make sure that you make the best impression possible on your customers, teachers, publishers, and colleagues. We can help make your documentation more clear, more concise, more accurate, more effective, and also just more correct.

Editing involves a conversation between author and editor, and we will happily converse with you to make sure your work says what you intend it to say in the best way possible.


Professional Writing

For a more extensive hands-on approach, we offer our services as professional writers. We can write grants, proposals, technical documentation, speeches, press releases, and really anything that you need to be written extremely well. We will keep your audience, goals, and purposes in mind and use our years of experience and expertise to tailor our work to that end.



We have experience as educators as well, and we can work with clients of all ages and skill to improve their ability to write and edit their own work more effectively. We are available as English tutors for students at any grade level, as well as for professionals who wish to further hone their writing craft.



We prefer to charge our clients an hourly rate. This way, we feel better taking the time necessary to produce a quality product, and they receive the best product possible. It also means that we can charge the same amount regardless of the level of work needed. That said, we are aware that some of our clients prefer a per-word or flat rate, and we will work with you on a case by case basis, if this is your preference.


Contact Us

For a price quote or to inquire about our services, please contact as at ardreediting@gmail.com or call us at (872) 356-6567.