Here is what some of our previous clients have to say... 

"In my job at a major international security think tank, I’ve repeatedly relied on Arwen McNierney's professionalism when deadlines are tight and for my independent work. Time and again, I’ve counted on her for editing services that are fast, reliable, and affordable. Working with Arwen has polished my prose, to be sure, but she has also helped me develop as an author by providing personalized attention to those areas where I wanted to build my skills."

- Greg Sanders, Fellow and Deputy Director for Research

"Arwen McNierney has been an invaluable help in preparing my short stories for publication. She has a masterful grasp of story, structure, and grammar, and her editorial tone is engagingly direct while remaining generously respectful of the author's style and voice. Not only has she proven herself great at making my writing stronger, she's also thoroughly fun to talk shop with, and she's helped expand the way I look at narratives. Arwen is an editor who will enthusiastically engage with your material and give you rich new perspectives without diluting your own, and it is a pleasure to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their work."

- A.E. Prevost, Speculative Fiction Author (

"Thank you, Ardre Editing services! Arwen has more than credentials; she has a natural gift. It shows through her work how she makes each project her baby, and then births it to perfection. I've worked with her on two of my novels. She is very detailed and offers great suggestions. I highly recommend this service to any author or publisher. I will be using this service again and again for years to come."

- Sherlynn Rachelle, Author

"I was asked to write an article for a professional journal.  This is the type of thing you want to be perfect, and, thanks to Arwen, it was!"

- Sam Goodin, Director of Disability Support Services at Southern Illinois University

"Through the years that I've known Ms. Arwen, I would often ask her simple questions about grammar and then apply and teach them in my lessons about writing for social workers. Recently, I decided to use Ardre Editing because I was constantly getting "revise and resubmit" requests for manuscripts I submitted to academic journals... sometimes I would get an outright reject. A few months ago, I received yet another "revise and resubmit" request for my manuscript, and with this manuscript I used an editing program called Style Writer. I finally decided to use Ardre Editing, and my manuscript was accepted and will be published in Spring 2016. Although I am an assistant professor who writes for a living, I feel that I truly needed the benefits of a great editor, and I got that with Ardre Editing!"

- Karla B. Horton, PhD, LMSW